Water on Mars

I mentioned Mars in my last post so this is becoming a bit of a habit.
It’s great that NASA has actually found the wet stuff on Mars even if it’s salty, frozen and covered with red dust.
With water and electricity from solar panels you can make hydrogen (use as fuel) and oxygen (breath it).
So a Mars base would be more sustainable without needing to be resupplied from Earth quite as much.
Who’s going to get there first?
NASA in the 2030s with their SLS rocket designed by senators to keep jobs in their states?
Mars One in 2025 with their reality show and completely infeasible cash and technology projections.
My money is on Elon Musk’s SpaceX. If anyone can do it on the cheap he can.
Ourselves and our ancestors have done a right royal job of stuffing up the planet all the life we know of lives on.
We are overpopulating it to death.
The future of our children’s children is out at Mars and far, far beyond where the resources are infinite.


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