Inspiration from Nature

If ever you’re feeling down (and who doesn’t from time to time) there is no better cure I know of than getting out in Mother Nature, Gaia or whatever you care to call it. It is a great way to recharge the mental batteries.

At the weekend I visited Wilsons Promontory National Park which is 500 sq. km. of untouched Australian mountainous wilderness sticking out into the Southern Ocean. The weather was warm and sunny but not too warm for long walks as it will get in summer.

The place has a pristine, primordial feel about it. If we humans had never come along with our cars and campsites it would have been even more so but thankfully development is kept minimal there.

The wildlife is abundant but mostly keeps out of the way during the day.

If you get the chance to visit this part of Australia and like the fresh air it is one of the many splendours on offer.

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On top of Mt. Bishop after a long slog uphill.


Crocodile Rock.


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