Mowing down the enemy – arms race

My adversaries the Bull Ants (Myrmecia) certainly have an advantage that is enviable. As well as being ridiculously strong for their size they have six legs.


Now I don’t really need six legs. That would make me into some kind of octo-centaur and I suspect I would spend a lot of time tripping over my own feet. Just controlling two is as much multi-tasking as I can usually handle. But on the other hand six limbs would be ok if the additional pair came as arms.

This flash of inspiration came to me last weekend when I was scrambling over boulders at the top of Hanging Rock. Four arms (and still the two legs if you please) would have been very handy in some of the awkward spots.

Think of the boon to society if we all had four arms. The glove industry would double overnight and hopefully the deodorant industry would not be too far behind. The extra rings and nail polish required could bring whole economies out of recession.

Imagine what jugglers could achieve once they had mastered the hand-eye coordination! On the other hand we might see a lot more drab 0-0 draws at football as goalkeepers dominated. Boxing might have to invent new rules. Doubles at tennis would take on a whole new meaning.

All silly ideas but pretty armless.

Please feel free to add any equally daft proposals.

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